Behind the Scenes

Marketing for Good

“Use your marketing powers for good!” It’s one of the first things you’re taught in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at St. Lawrence College. Part of the way that we bring that mantra to life is by working with real clients almost from day one of our classes.

Working with real clients as students means we get to work with charities and that has been wonderful. In our second year, our class worked together on a large leadership project that saw us raise more than $14,000 to help build a well in a village in Mozambique.

Now in our third year, we’re doing it again – this time with a twist. Our class has broken into 7 groups, each of whom has chosen a charity to represent and we’re hosting a virtual trade show in support of them. But if you’re reading this blog I guess you already know that.

Over the next six weeks this blog will be exploring the process gone through by me and the two other students who are working as planners and administrators of the trade show.

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