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Spread Colour – How to Pick Colours for Branding

When creating a brand there are many parts to think of – like puzzle pieces that come together to make a greater whole. One of the pieces that make a up a brand is its colours. In this blog post we will take a look at why the colours of a brand matter and how we chose the colours for Marketing for Good Charity Trade Show.

Colours Evoke Feelings

One aspect that makes colours powerful is their ability to evoke certain feelings when looked at. There is a certain psychology to colours and this table below demonstrates it very well.

Image from PNG Kit

Each colour has its own effect on you and how you feel. For example blue is a cool colour which communicates feelings of peace and strength whereas yellow makes one feel cheerful and warm.

Brands really focus on the colours they use as it aids in communicating the feelings they want a consumer to have when interacting with that brand. The table below shows brands who use this well.

Image from Parallel Branding

Nikon is a brand which is fun and energetic, and they use yellow to portray just that to their consumers. When you look at the logo it brings happiness and gives a surge of energy. Virgin is a brand that strongly uses red in its branding. Virgin is a brand that stands for boldness and passion, and the use of red conveys just that

Marketing for Good Charity Trade Show

When picking colours for Marketing for Good we wanted to stick to colours that evoked passion, power, character, and hope.

We as a brand are passionate about what we do. We are daring and are never afraid to face any challenge head on. This is why we picked red as it communicates just that.

Our brand stands for strength, balance, and character – these are things we believe in and gray communicates just that.

We love the contrast that is brought when we add black to the mix – a color which adds power and sophistication.

Marketing for Good wants to add light to this world whilst also bringing hope and coolness, thus we chose white to complete our colour guide.

Spread Colour

This image highlights a fun and interesting way to help you decide which colours to use for your brand.

Image from Designmantic

When picking colours for your brand think what you want to make people feel when they look at your logo or visit your website. Do you want to add freshness or go for something that is more regal? Jot down a list of feelings that matter to your brand and then pick colours that bring that. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with colour and don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement!

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