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The Ultimate Guide to Typefaces

You may be thinking ‘Why is typography important?’ Well, the typefaces you select can contribute to setting the entire mood and feel of your brand. Typography is just as important as colours – it has power to evoke feelings in a consumer.

Typography can also help you attract your audience. Think about it, when you visit a website and the font is effortless to read do you tend to keep reading? And what if you visit a website where the font is difficult to read? You end up going off the site, right? Even if the information to the consumer is valuable if it is ineligible consumers will click off it and go search for information elsewhere.

Another thing typography does is help build a stronger audience retention. If something is easy to read it will help keep the reader gripped, and may even make them click on another article or another post to continue interacting with your brand.

Typography is also a powerful tool in creating a recognizable brand. Some brands have gone to adapt their own font which they are well known for; when you look at that font you automatically associate it with the brand – that is the power of typography.

Typefaces, typefaces, typefaces

There is a certain psychology that goes behind fonts; font style can create different feelings in the consumer. There are many varieties and styles of type. They generally fall under the categories of serif, sans serif, script, and decorative.

Serif fonts promote feelings of class, respectability, and reliability. They are seen as classical and formal fonts and therefore are suitable for brands that want to convey authority, opulence, and grandiosity.

Brands with serif typefaces

Sans serif do the opposite – they are modern, clean, and project stability. The fact that there are no decorative elements in sans serif fonts means they convey strength and honesty. Sans serif fonts are used by brands that are objective and know what they stand for.

Brands with sans serif typefaces

Script fonts are much more decorative in nature. They create feelings of elegance, creativity, and affection. A lot of female-oriented brands utilise script fonts as they are seen as more feminine. Script fonts are also heavily utilised by luxury brands.

Brands with script typefaces

Decorative fonts are unique, stylized, and highly individual. Brands use decorative fonts to stand out, as it is only something that they use, so they become recognized for it. Decorative fonts work for brands that are highly expressive and want to covey friendliness.

Brands with decorative typefaces

How we did it

Marketing for Good typefaces

Here at Marketing for Good we wanted to go for fonts that were timeless, easy to read, and were strong. That is why we paired Garamond and Monserrat. These two fonts work beautifully together. Garamond is a strong font that is timeless as it is serif. It is also a font that provokes comfort and trust, and is easy to read. Monserrat is sans serif, it is fun, clean, and modern. These two fonts go perfect hand in hand and helped us build a strong brand identity through typography.

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