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Top 3 Things to Incorporate into a Trade Show Booth: Both Online and In-Person

What is going to set my booth apart from everyone else? That is something that might go through your mind when planning your booth layout in a trade show. You want to stand out from the crowd, but how?

During our planning of the Marketing for Good: Charity Trade Show (make sure to register at, we went through specific lists of what we should make available for our vendors to use. We wanted to provide them that aspect of still sticking out to the crowd.

We narrowed it down to the top 3 things that should be in your trade show booth. All three of these apply to online and in-person.

Number 1 – Interactive Content

Prize Wheel

When people come to your booth, whether online or in-person, how will you keep that person there to talk with you? Having interactive content is great to keep people at your booth and hopefully creating leads.

Interactive content could be anything from a game with prizes (of your product or service) relating to your company or having people test out your products. It is anything that people can interact with.

Some of my favourites are spin the wheel, testing out products, and anything to do with games (I love a good competition).

Number 2 – Takeaways

Free Branded Takeaways

Everyone loves FREE things. It could be a pen or a hat, and it will get people talking. Try providing free stuff at your trade show booth. You won’t regret it.

If it is an in-person trade show, have free samples, pens, branded apparel, etc. If it is online, have downloadable content with resources or a digital coupon code that people can download and use.

Having “physical” objects to give to people creates a memory for them, connecting that object with your brand. Forming this connection can build trust in the brand and a relationship with the consumer as well.

Number 3 – Eye-Catching Graphics

Create Fun Graphics

Have eye-catching graphics in your booth. This alone can intrigue customers to visit your booth because it can draw them into wanting to learn more. People are visual individuals. We can interpret and understand an image quicker than if we were to read a paper.

Having the proper graphics with little to no text and a strong message can trigger emotional responses. Do you want people to feel guilty, excited, confident, etc.? 

For example, you are at a trade show as a nonprofit company, and you want people to sign up to donate monthly to your cause. You would probably have graphics that exhibit the feeling of guilt or responsibility to the problem, so they feel they need to make things right and donate.

No matter how you decide to plan your booth layout, if you include any of the three strategies above (or all three), you will have people coming to your booth in no time.

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