Hosts: Sierra Saikaley & Saige Clark

Canadian Blood Services is a non-profit charitable organization that is independent from the Canadian government. The Canadian Blood Services was established as Canada’s blood authority in all provinces and territories except for Quebec in 1998. They manage the national supply of blood products for all the provinces and territories (excluding Quebec). Many variables can impact their inventory such as weather, holidays or tragic events, which is why the need for donors is constant. 

Help save a life today. Donate.

Join us for our rotating virtual trade show and Kahoot game! 

Every 30 minutes Sierra & Saige will be hoping on the live stream to talk to YOU about Canadian Blood Services and how you can start your donation journey today and help save a life.  

Join our Live Stream HERE as a guest, listen, learn, ask questions and flex your trivia skills in a game of Kahoot! 

Times: 11:00AM, 11:30AM, 12:00PM, 12:30PM, 1:00PM, 1:30PM and sign off at 2:00PM.

Donate Blood

Canada’s inventory for certain blood types only lasts a few days. Now with COVID-19 less people are donating, but there are still lives that need saying.

To ensure we can continue to meet the needs of patients in Canada, we need everyone who is healthy to book blood donation appointments.

Donate Money

Right now, scientists at Canadian Blood Services — are racing to find a treatment for COVID-19. 

Your gifts will support innovative research in blood transfusion and transplantation medicine potentially saving even more lives and transform patient outcomes during the pandemic and beyond.


Our volunteers help us advance our work and support the well-being of patients. Whether it’s supporting donors throughout the donation process, recruiting new donors, raising awareness about the importance of blood, stem cell and organs and tissues donation or helping fundraise to support our lifesaving programs; our volunteers are a vital link in Canada’s lifeline.

How To Book An Appointment

This video was created by the Canadian Blood Services charity live stream student hosts, Sierra and Saige, to showcase how easy it is for Canadians to book a blood donation appointment online.

This video was produced under guidance of the students’ VIDE35 instructor.

COVID-19 Message – Donations Still Needed

A message from Canadian Blood Services CEO, Dr. Graham Sher, thanking the generous donors who are supporting the organization in these challenging times, and a reminder that your donations will still be needed in the weeks ahead.

COVID-19 does not stop the need for blood donation. It actually is needed more than ever, as the pandemic has discouraged many from booking appointments.

First Time Donors – The Donation Process

This video follows St. Lawrence College students through their first ever blood donation appointment.

This video shows how simple and organized the donation process is from checking in, to talking with staff and the actual act of blood donation.

Meet The Hosts

Saige Clark is a third year Advertising and Marketing Communications Management student with interests in digital marketing. She is excited to draw attention to local charities, like Canadian Blood Services, as many charity organizations are struggling with gaining donations during the pandemic. She thinks this virtual trade show showcases how connected and resilient the Kingston community is, even when we are socially distanced.

Sierra Saikaley is in her third year of Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program, working towards her diploma. She became a first-time blood donor just last year when previously working with Canadian Blood Services on a class project. She describes the donation experience as simple, painless and one of the easiest ways to help save a life.

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