“Wouldn’t it be great if everybody had the opportunity to play an instrument?” 



– Joe Chithalen

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“Our lending and teaching program fosters music appreciation, knowledge, community enrichment and provides opportunities for youth and adults to meet their full potential”


Joe Chithalen was a young musician beloved in Kingston because he encouraged everyone with an interest in music to perform. When he died, suddenly and unexpectedly on May 1st 1999, it took just hours for his friends to organize a bus so they could travel to his funeral, several hours away. In the same few short hours, one particular friend, the late Wally High, had made the decision to follow through on a concept he and Joe had discussed often: finding a way to make sure everyone had a chance to learn to play an instrument. They both knew that many of the young people who “hung out” aimlessly could be redeemed by music.

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