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Loving Spoonful helps connect good food with those who really need it. Join us and learn more.

Your Life Counts
With your support, together we can encourage humanity to live out their natural lives. You, your loved ones, a friend… a colleague… someone you know.

Canadian Blood Services
Start Saving Lives Today. Find Out If You Can Donate Blood Today. Together, We Are Canada’s Lifeline. Find Out How You Can Help Today. Book An Appointment Today.

Joe’s M.I.L.L.
The Joe Chithalen Musical Instrument Lending Library helps aspiring musicians by lending musical instruments to the community at no charge.


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Wise Chat
Kathy Patterson
The prize was an A+
I don't think there was a prize other than A+
Kathy Patterson
Thanks! I will look again!
It was!
I think if it doesn't work try refreshing you page Kathy
Hopefully it will work!
I worked with Danny during that first campaign
Kathy Patterson
hahah, found it! My Teams class is open and it was blocking the stars. Thanks!!
Kathy Patterson
BTW, your class rocked that St. Larry's pub campaign
No Problem!
Awe thanks Kathy! <3
Excellent work gentlemen ....
Thank you Kathy! Thank you Tom!
Congratulations Maddie! I will contact you shortly!
Kathy Patterson
this is hilarious
Kathy Patterson
matching chef shirts
Kathy Patterson
Melo making PB&J apples for his sister made me cry
Awwww that is so sweet!
Terry McGinn
That's so smart capturing the live stream from the lobby on your own page!
It is!
So impressed by all the virtual booths today. Learned so much - so many worthy causes. Kudos to all participants!heart
Congratulations Liam, I will be emailing you shortly!
And great work from you both as well!
We appreciate your help ...did a great job!
I remember that!
Kathy Patterson
Wow Danny!!! You are my hero!
Rob Roques
Kathy Patterson
You guys did a great job. Thank you!
Thanks Guys!
Thank you everybody for joining us for the Marketing for Good Charity Trade Show! It was amazing having you here, thank you so much for all the support and we hope you had a good time!

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Boys & Girls Club
The Boys & Girls Club of Kingston & Area fosters a community for children to develop and explore new opportunities.

Friends of Lemoine Point
The Friends of Lemoine Point is a local community-based group of volunteers that helps to conserve and enhance Lemoine Point Conservation Area

Bee City Canada
Visit the Bee City Canada platform to discover more about the world of pollination and how you can help make a difference.

Our Sponsors
These generous businesses and individuals have sponsored this show to provide door prizes for attendees.

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