Support students doing good for charities in our community.

Each year students in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at St. Lawrence College put on an event in support of charities that allows us to learn how to run a trade show while using our marketing powers for good in the community, but the pandemic tried to put a stop to that.

Rather than just accept the impossibility of having a trade show the old fashioned way, we decided to come together as a group, develop some strategies and take our little event to the world, virtually, on this website we’ve built ourselves.

We hope you’ll join in to help us learn, meet our AMAZING third-year students (up for hire next spring!), support some charities, and win prizes supplied by our awesome sponsors.

November 26th at 11 am


Featured Exhibitor

Boys & Girls Club

We chose this charity because we have personally seen the BGC help people in our lives. We also have experience working with them which created a personal connection for us. Seeing first hand the good they do for the community is very inspirational.


Our biggest goal is to gain donations for the BGC through our link on our page. As well, to raise awareness about other programs offered through the BGC that the public may be not aware of.

Key Points

Our main focus is to educate registers that the BGC is still running as many camps and after school programs as they can during COVID which is where their donations will be going. With the addition of needing to purchase extra items (masks, hand sanitizers, thermometers), the help of donations has never been more important.

What’s Happening

  • Live at 11:00 AM – Presentation & Holiday Prize Trivia 

  • Live at 12 AM – Presentation & Big Prize Trivia: Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? 

  • Live at 1:00 PM – Presentation & BGC Prize Trivia 

  • Live at 1:45 PM Final Goal Results

Make sure to check out our show out at 12pm on the 26th for a chance to win a prize!

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