“The Your Life Counts Team wants to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Hannah, Jackson, Will, and Cynthia for a fantastic effort. It’s a big encouragement to us here at YLC and the financial support will help us to extend more help and support to steadying individuals and families at this tough time. Our thanks also to Program Coordinator, Kathy Patterson, and the team at SLC for all their help. And another huge thank you to the business and individuals who generously supported this key initiative, including Nicole Streek with Exit Realty, Rhonda Jarvis with Allstate Insurance, Harmony Homes Quinte Ltd., and Madison Excavating.”

The Your Life Counts Team

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Every Dollar Counts...

"My sister Nadia died by suicide as a result of being encouraged online. I believe, with all my heart, that Nadia would be alive today if she had met YLC online."

Marc Kajouji YLC Ambassador & Suicide Loss Survivor

"How to do life isn’t something we learn at school. I’ve attempted suicide 3 times. YLC has helped me to say ‘no’ to suicide and to keep it that way. I’m learning with YLC’s help."

Attempt Survivor

"We can’t all be on the frontline with this work but it is everyone’s responsibility to help prevent suicide wherever they are on the planet. By supporting the YLC Share Reasons To Live campaign you are helping the YLC team to save a life today – and that is something you can feel great about! We’re counting on your help!"

Jim Thomson Retired NHL Legend, Coach & Owner of The Aurora Tigers

"At a time when nothing and no-one made sense, YLC was able to help me understand that I have reasons to live. I want to live."

Attempt Survivor

"YLC is not about any one person or any one family; it’s about caring, it’s about seeing that we all have a future. YLC needs your voice and your support."

Carol Todd Amanda Todd Legacy Society


Sharing your reasons to live could keep someone alive today, and perhaps someone you know.

4 Easy Steps to #ShareReasons2Live:

  1. Film a short video, take a selfie, or write a message to share on social media.
  2. Add the #ShareReasons2Live and #YLCAMCTeam
  3. Post it to your social media feed.
  4. Invite 5 of your family or friends to do the same and jump aboard.

Tomorrow is counting on you.

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